"GARDA has proven to be efficient; client service driven; consultative; results oriented and a true business partner to Transat A.T. Inc."

Stewart Juelich,
Director, Human Resources, CHRP
Transat A.T. Inc.

  • More than 98% client retention

  • More than 96.5% client satisfaction

  • 80 years of innovative solutions

  • Canadian based company offering services in more than 123 countries

  • 12 languages spoken

"In today's economic situation, every minute counts when it comes to recruiting the proper candidate for a given position. Garda's team of professionals is dedicated to helping you find the right fit and is geared to meeting this challenge in order to offer you a safer working environment."

Nadine Lecomte, Vice President
Pre-employment Solutions and HR, Garda

  • Percentage of candidates who have a criminal record

  • Percentage of candidates who have an education discrepancy

  • Percentage of candidates who have falsified résumés

  • Percentage of candidates who are not eligible for rehire

  • Percentage of candidates who experience financial problems


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